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Agricultural & Food Science Technicians at a Glance

Agricultural & food science technicians assist agricultural scientists with animal research and breeding as well as production and processing of animals, food, and fiber. They help in all areas of nutrition, testing, and experimentation under the supervision of agricultural scientists. Agricultural & food science technicians assist in testing and experimentation in order to protect animals and plants from disease, parasites, and insects. This helps build up resistance to disease and insects, which improves output and the quality of our nation’s crops.

Aerospace Engineers at a Glance

Aerospace engineers perform a wide variety of engineering work ranging from simple to complex. On any given day, aerospace engineers will do everything from maintain records and write technical reports to design aeronautical and aerospace systems based on customer needs.  Aerospace engineers use scientific methods to solve problems as well as manage engineering and technical personnel during the design, fabricating, testing, and modifying of aerospace and aircraft commodities.

Advertising Sales Agents at a Glance

Advertising sales agents sell everything from TV and radio advertising time to signs and advertising space. They sell advertising by delivering sales presentations and pitches to new and existing customers. Once they have made the sale, advertising sales agents must see the transaction through to the end. They draw up contracts, deliver advertising or proofs for approval, and they might even help finalize copy.  

Advertising & Promotions Managers at a Glance

Advertising & promotions managers plan and direct advertising activities to stir interest in a specific product or service. Advertising & promotions managers may work for an advertising agency, public relations firm, newspaper or magazine, or directly for the company that sells of offers the product or service.

Actuaries at a Glance

Actuaries have a very interesting career. Most people think actuaries are accountants or finance professionals. True, they do work with numbers, but not in the same way as accountants of finance professionals. Actuaries analyze statistical data. They examine data such as disability, sickness, accidents, mortality, and retirement rates in order to create probability tables to forecast liability and risk for payment of future benefits.

Accountants & Auditors at a Glance

Accountants & auditors are responsible for preparing and examining financial reports and taxes. Many accountants & auditors work in office settings while a growing number are becoming self-employed and work from home. There are several different types of accountants & auditors including: public, management, internal, government, and forensic.

Becoming a Ultrasound Technician

To become an ultrasound technician, you need the right training. These high-tech non-invasive procedures require technical training and the best way to get that is through the right school. You will also learn the importance of patient care which is crucial to be successful in this field.

Special Education Teacher Career Facts

These teachers must have a bachelor's degree, complete an approved teacher education program and be licensed; some states require a master's degree. Many states offer alternative licensing programs to attract people into teaching.

Private Investigator Career Facts

Many private detectives and investigators come into the field after other careers, particularly in law enforcement and the military.

Physician Assistant Career Facts

- The typical physician assistant program last about 2 years 
- Earnings and job opportunities are on the rise

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