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Advertising Manager Career Working Environment

Advertising managers work in close proximity to upper management, and keep similarly strenuous hours. In 2000, almost 38 percent of the people in this field reported working 50 hours or more per week. Additionally, job-related travel can be extensive; advertising managers are often required to attend the meetings of industries or associations, or meetings with clients in other offices.

Advertising Manager Career Description

Advertising managers work with the marketing department of a company to develop an advertising strategy that is in sync with that company's branding. In other words, they come up with (or hire people to come up with) advertisements that depict the company in the way it wishes to be depicted in the public eye.

Advertising Manager Career Details

Advertising managers work closely with people at all levels of a company. Their offices are often alongside those of top management, as they coordinate some of the most public offerings of a firm or a product. The work involves testing advertising strategies and coming up with new ways to market a product.

Advertising Manager Career Specializations

Advertising managers tend to stick to one sort of brand throughout their professional career-someone who can advertise makeup has a different sort of skill than an advertising manager for a bank, for instance. Within any advertising department, though, you'll find people who concentrate on a micro level of the general advertising. Some focus on design, others on slogans for new campaigns. The top levels of a marketing department understand all these aspects and pull them together for maximum effect. 

Related careers in this field are: 
Public relations managers - Make sure that the face of the company looks good, which betters sales. 
Promotion managers - Oversee promotions programs to come in closer contact with purchasers. 
Creative directors - Work with an advertising staff to formulate an overall advertising strategy as well as individual ads that are part of that strategy. 
Media directors - Oversee the communication media.

Programs to consider:

Advertising Manager Career Required Training

Many employers look for applicants with degrees in advertising or journalism. A strong focus on the written word is preferred. However, smart people with innovative ideas and a broad background are always welcomed.

Advertising Manager Career Coursework

Consider classes in marketing, consumer behavior, market research, sales, communication methods and technology, and the visual arts.

Advertising Manager Career Future Job Outlook

This field is expected to grow at a faster rate than average in the next ten years. The globalization of markets means that marketing and promotions (including advertising) will be intense-so intense, in fact, that many companies will hire contractors instead of full-time staff to keep up the pace.

Advertising Manager Salary

The median annual earnings for advertising and promotions managers in 2011 was $87,650. Companies specializing in computer and data processing services employed the largest number of marketing managers, and the median annual salary in that field was $131,550. Many managers earn annual bonuses that equal 10 percent or more of their salaries, depending on performance.