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Health Care Opportunities and Related Medical Degrees

If you've always appreciated helping people, you've probably already considered a career in the health care field. But if you, like most, can't seem to pinpoint exactly WHAT you should be doing in this exciting sector, you've come to the right place. Below are some ideas that go beyond the traditional doctor and dentist.

Many nurses see their primary job as comforting the patient. People who become nurses are interested in medicine, but also have great bedside personalities. In recent years, nurses have been given more responsibility than ever, helping doctors and dispensing medical knowledge. If you don't feel up to the years of training it takes to become a doctor, or are interested in hands-on medical work that will make you feel good at the end of the day, consider a nursing degree.

Dental Assistant
Like medical nurses, dental assistants have great bedside manners and are interested in their field. A dental assistant has the chance to work right alongside a dentist, but pays particular attention to the comfort of the patient. In many dentists' offices, a dental assistant provides the preliminary checkup of the patient before the dentist does his or her work. This could involve pinpointing cavities and other problems, demonstrating effective cleaning and explaining procedures to the patient. If dentistry has always interested you, becoming a dental assistant is a great career!

Medical Office Administration
Unlike most offices, medical offices require specialized administration. When you obtain a certificate in medical office administration, it means that you will understand what it takes to keep a medical office running, from ordering sophisticated supplies to complicated billing and dealing with insurance companies. Medical office administration is not for everyone; the people who excel in it have an eye for detail and are people-oriented. Medical office administrators deal with everyone from doctors to suppliers to patients, so it's a fast-paced and enjoyable job.

Paramedics are specially trained medical personnel who deal with patients on an emergency basis. Being a paramedic is a particularly satisfying job because they are counted on as the first response in an emergency. This is a job for a quick thinker, and one who has a keen interest in the medical field. Many even use their job as a paramedic as a stepping stone into medical school.

When trying to break into the health care field, don't feel like you should be limited to traditional definitions of this sector. There are lots of ways you can use your skills to help people!


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