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Profile: Technology Industry

The technology industry has taken over virtually every aspect of our lives. We shop, conduct banking transactions, book flights and hotel rooms, and even communicate with each other online. Technology creates the films we see and, sometimes even, the music we listen to. Basically, technology surrounds us every day, in many different ways, and, thus, the industry promises to continue growing and to remain a vital part of our daily lives.

The technology industry, which mainly refers to information technology (IT) and computers, offers a variety of career opportunities. You can work in fields from Networking to Graphic Design, Architecture to Computer Game Programming. Although these are only a few careers within the industry, they help to demonstrate the vast array of possibilities.

IT, more specifically, deals with the accumulation, storage, management, and retrieval of data and the development of the hardware and software that handle these processes. The general categories of job opportunities within the IT industry include Programmers, Systems Analysts, Web Design and Management, Technical Writers, Network Technology Specialists, and Enterprise Systems Developers.

The technology industry needs people who are both technical and/or creative. Problem-, puzzle-, and riddle-solvers are needed for the more technical careers, but careers like Graphic Design and Multimedia, for example, need creative people with a passion for drawing. As you can see, there are a plethora of opportunities within the technology industry for anyone interested and the demand for qualified employees is certainly present. If you want to get involved in a field that is guaranteed to always be relevant and on the cutting-edge, the technology industry awaits.


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